'Collaborate or die boring'. This is a simple truth that leads to the best work and a more interesting life. All projects on this site and more have been the result of working with interesting people.


Kieran was ranked as the #1 Art Director worldwide at Cannes festival of creativity and #3 in the World on the Gunn report in 2010. After helping take Leo Burnett Sydney to the #1 agency in Asia Pacific, Kieran relocated to New York to help launch a new entrepreneurial office for the Leo Burnett network.

In 2011 he served as the Photography Jury President at the Art Directors Club (New York) and gave the Wildfire Presentation at the 2011 Cannes Festival of Creativity. In 2013 he was invited by the United Nations as a creative collaborator to speak at the Social Good Summit on behalf of the highly awarded global campaign ‘TheWorldNeedsMore’ created by Leo Burnett, New York.

After leaving the Leo Burnett network he partnered with ELIA Technology to begin the re-design of tactile typography and create a more intuitive reading systems - basically to challenge the institutionalized braille system which is notoriously difficult to learn. This has formed the start of a long project known as 'the ELIA idea'.

Some of Kieran’s creative career highlights have been: ‘Photo5’ an exhibition of over 5000 photographs; ‘Photo chains’ the world’s longest growing chain of photos; ‘Vote Earth’ achieving 1 billion participants for Earth Hour; Music Videos for Ben Lee and David Guetta; ‘New York Writes Itself ’ a creative program about the streets of New York which inspired a comedy series, Letterpress exhibition and a much loved Off-Broadway play ‘8 Million Protagonists’; and ‘The Worlds Needs More’ a new approach to philanthropic fund raising platform for the United Nations. Outside of creative advertising he has also exhibited his personal works of art in Sydney, New York and London for more than 10 years.

He is currently traveling the world with his Canon camera and his awesome wife Natalia.



#1 ranked Art Director in the world Cannes Festival of Creativity 2010
#3 Art Director Gunn Report 2010 - All Shows
6 Career Grand Prix / Best of Show (Major Award shows only)
Australia's top exports ‘Australia Unlimited’
ADNEWS Agency of the year 2009 (Leo Burnett Sydney)
Cannes Media Agency of the Year 2009 (Leo Burnett Sydney)
ADAGE #2 Branded Content Agency in the world 2012 (Leo Burnett NY)
8th most awarded agency in the US Cannes 2012 (Leo Burnett NY)
#1 Most effective Olympics Campaign Bloomberg Business (Leo Burnett New York) 2012


Social Good Summit New York for the United Nations 2012
Wildfire Talk Cannes 2011
ADC Jury Chair Photography 2011
ADC Photography 2010
London International Awards. Design 2008
London International Awards. Poster & Outdoor, Print and Television/Cinema 2007
Australian Film & Television 2005


2013 '8 Million Protagonists' Off-Broadway Show (Co-Created)
2012 'New York Types' LetterPress Exhibition (Curated)
2012 'Pencil Keyboard' Installation (Co-created)
2012 'Abc Blocks' Installation Cannes Festival of Creativity
2012 gARTner New York, SOHO 'Artists in Advertising'
2011 The Affordable Art Fair, Bristol UK.
2011 'Falling Horses' (London, March 2011)
2009 ‘End of Noise’ (AUSTRALIA NOW) COMODAA Galleries, London
2009 'Photo 5' An exhibition of 5000 photographs inspired by a cardboard box.
2009 ‘Daydreams’ Richard Martin Gallery Woollahra Sydney
2008 ‘Lip Diaries’ in conjunction with Hip Pop, United Galleries, Sydney
2008 ‘The Nude Show’ United Galleries, Sydney
2007 ‘The White Show’ SOHO House, New York
2007 ‘Collection’ Global Galleries, Paddington
2004 ‘The Allions’ Space Junk Gallery
2004 Sydney City of Sydney Street Gallery
2003 Chicago Joint Show, Concordia Gallery
2003 Sydney Solo Show, Norton Gallery
2003 Chicago Joint Show, Keffalinos Gallery
2002 Sydney Exhibit, Michael Commerford
2001 Sydney Solo Show, Art House
2000 Sydney Exhibit, Joan Ridges Gallery
2000 Chicago Joint Show, East Village Gallery