Case Study

‘Seconds/With’ is a mini documentary series built around the insight that while a professional photographer spends decades behind the lens, the shots they value most add up to just fractions of a second. Season One launched with four online episodes, in which I sat down with four of the world’s top professional photographers – Darren Jew, Simon Harsent, Craig Golding and Stephen Dupont. Each photographer compared the time spent over their entire career, to the most valued fraction of a second they have captured.

Season 1

Co-written and directed.


Darren Jew

Season 1. Ep 1.


Craig Golding

Season 1. Ep 2.


Simon Harsent

Season 1. Ep 3.


Stephen Dupont

Season 1. Ep 4.




The single biggest thing that stuck with me after these interviews was that photography was a means to an end. It was a portal for these people to get closer to the things they loved. They had more in common with the subject matter than each other.


The series created a new on going channel of branded content for Canon. While Canon EOS enjoyed increased awareness to 43% by December 2010, versus 30% the previous year.